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NOVALLIANCE - 46, rue Raphaël - 13008 Marseille | Tél. 04 91 76 00 12 - Fax : 04 91 77 65 06 |
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Novalliance CPA in Marseille

NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE Firm is managed by 2 partners:


Yannic ALLOUCHE, graduate Chartered Accountant and Legal Auditor since 2004

He has worked for io years in firms for chartered accountants and auditing firms in France. He has carried out assignments in France and abroad for small and large firms and also for publicly-traded companies and international organizations. He then founded his own independent enterprise before launching NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE.


Sophie ALARCON ALLOUCHE, Chartered Accountant specialized in tax, graduated from Montpellier University.

After several complementary experiences in firms and in chartered accounting and auditing, particularly in accomplishing assignments in France and abroad for small and large firms and also for publicly-traded companies and international organizations, she founded NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE.

About us

Firm Registered with chartered accountants board of Provence Alpes Côte d4zur Corse Region

NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE Firm is registered with chartered accountants board of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Corse Region.

The small size of our firm means an individualized attention for our customers. Our technical and multidisciplinary skills enable us to carry out our work in accordance with professional standards and to respect accountant, tax and labour laws in order to make sure our clients are in line with their obligations, whilst also taking advantage too of favourable measures.

Our first aim is to see client’s projects come into existence and to help them experience development which meets their ambition. With this in mind, we help them to secure their tax and social obligations and we make every effort to manage them day to day, proposing in particular advice and management tools.

We work with a partner network in accordance with our client’s needs and likely to increase and secure their activity and themselves.


NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE proposes you accounting and audit services in the following:

  • Accounting and cost accounting
  • Legal and contractual auditing
  • New business Consulting
  • Consolidation and IFRS
  • Corporate and personal tax
  • Reorganization (mergers and acquisitions, firm transmission)
  • Labour management
  • Wealth management
  • Training
  1. We are stepping into several industry areas. We don’t hesitate to bring specialized partners into play when complementary skills are necessary. We coach our clients too in acquisition and transmission of their firm.
  2. Our quality level is based on our young team and partners, qualified and trained constantly.
  3. Our firm is specialized in the creation of new business consulting and is in constant relations with organizations dedicated to business start-ups in which we give teaching and consulting.
  4. Our computer solutions, recent and efficient, enable rapid exchanges with our clients and with public services. It guarantees the reliability of the data processing.


NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE Firm is affiliated to a national and international network of chartered accountants and auditors Qantea

INAA GroupConcerned to provide a complete service to our clients, NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE INAA Firm is affiliated to a national and international network of chartered accountants and auditors. Our firm is an independent member of Qantea, affiliated to the international network, INAA GROUP, whose aim is to encourage the development of strong working relationship between firms sharing knowledge and experience.


quantea17 Chartered Accountants Companies based in 48 sites in France
10 000 clients – 450 assistants – 62 partners – Total turnover: 40 M€

Qantea is part of the lNAAGroup, a worldwide network of Independent Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditors. Each member is responsible on its own for its works.

Qantea is a network of specialists, active all over France. Its joint skills and expertise extend well over the “accounting” community.

Qantea assists its clients in their business development and geographic expansion, both in and outside France.


  • Groupe ACC in Draguignan, Saint Aygulf, Saint Raphaël, Salernes, Roquebrune sur Argens
  • A.C.P.G. in Nice
  • AT & Associés in Perpignan
  • Audit Sud Conseil in Montpellier and Jacou
  • Audit Sud Associés in Uzès and Alès
  • BAEC in Toulouse
  • Cabinet Hervé BORIES in Bordeaux and Saint-Jean-d’Illac
  • DGL Experts Conseils in Béziers
  • EUROTEC in Paris
  • Cabinet Pierre Gauthier in Grenoble
  • L&A Conseil Audit in Paris
  • NOVALIANCE Expertise Comptable in Marseille
  • P2R in Paris
  • Groupe SADEC AKELYS in all the North East of France
  • Cabinet Lionel VINOLO in Bourg Saint Maurice
  • VISTA CONSEIL in Lorient et Baud

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